We have been successfully using dynamic groups in our eDir environment
for a number of years, and we now have a need to "sync" those groups to
AD. After reading thru the forum, we have decided to do this by
converting our dynamic groups to RBEs and adding the users to an AD
group via an entitlement.

However, some of our dynamic groups have VERY complex queries that I
don't believe I can duplicate with the GUI-based member query tool that
is part of the RBE snap-in for iManager. When initially we created our
dynamic groups, we imported the queries with an LDIF file using ICE. I
tried doing that with RBE, and it works great....until I go in to make a
modification to the RBE (like including a static member), then it
overwrites my query with whatever query is in the RBE GUI (which is the
default of "objectclass=user").

Any suggestions?

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