We are preparing for a large deployment of the User Application v3.6.1.
Our design requires us to request roles on behalf of team members for
zero-day start and prepping incoming users for their functions.

While you can perform provisioning requests with the user app for team
members, it does not seem that you can assign roles to team members.
Roles appear to be primarily for self-service with layers of approval on
top. We would like for manager X to add roles for his employee Y without
intervention of the employee.

It was hinted at that the next version of the user app has this
functionality built in. Another workaround would be to use the Roles
Service driver SOAP calls, however I was told it was a best practice to
only have one driver (the User App, in our case) granting/removing
entitlements to reduce complexity and conflicts.

Can anyone shed light on estimated release dates for the next version
of the User App and what features it may have? How about any other ways
to accomplish what we need with the current version?

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