While running a workflow,I want to send localize the email
notification. I have followed below steps, but the problem is with the
Replacement Tags. I want to send the Dynamic content of Replacement tags
also in localized language.

Adding Localized E-Mail Templates
To add localized e-mail templates:
1 Select the Identity Manager category in iManager.
2 Open the Workflow Administration role.
3 Click the Email Templates task.
iManager displays the Edit Email Templates panel.
4 Identify the e-mail template (without any locale in the name) that
you want to copy.
4a Write down the template name to use in Step 5.
4b Click the template subject to open the template and view its message
subject, body, and
replacement tags.
4c Copy the message subject, body (to be translated), and replacement
tags that you want to
use in your new template.
4d Click Cancel.
5 Click Create, then enter the template name with a locale extension.
For example, to create a
Forgot Hint template in German, enter the name Forgot Hint_de, where
_de signifies Deutsch
If you use a two-letter language and two-letter country code, this
works fine. If you attempt to
use a locale with a variant such as en_US_TX, only the variant and
language are considered.
Do not use locale variants when naming e-mail templates.
6 Click OK.
7 In the template list, click the newly created template, for example
Forgot Hint_de, and enter the
translated subject and message body. Be sure to preserve the
replacement tags surrounded by
the dollar ($) sign in the message body.
8 If necessary, copy one or more of the supplied tags in the
Replacement Tags list to include
dynamic text in the message body.
For a description of the replacement tags, see Section 18.4.1, “Default
Content and Format,” on
page 340.
9 Click Apply.
10 Click OK.
NOTE: E-mail templates only send localized content if the preferred
locale is set for the user (to
whom the mail is sent).
Can anybody please help me.

Thanks in advance.


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