I'm configuring the value of the effective date on a Role Request
activity using the following script. Where data_inicio is an information
that is part of the aproval form.

var data = flowdata.get('approval/approval_form/data_inicio');
function setDateTime1() {
var edirFormat = new java.text.SimpleDateFormat("yyyyMMddhhmmssZ");
var workflowFormat = new
try {
var tempDate = workflowFormat.parse(data);
} catch (err) {
return err
return edirFormat.format(tempDate);

I'm getting the following error on the server.log.

2009-06-12 22:12:04,002 ERROR
[com.novell.soa.af.impl.LogEvent:logError] [Workflow_Error] Initiated by
cn=030000700,ou=USERS,o=NOVELL, Error Message: Attempt to set value on
Data item [effectiveDate] using incorrect type; expecting [date] got
[20090613120000-0300].., Process ID: 5cdd2af2d03a455bbaba67639d9ced09,
Process Name: cn=Solicitar
Recurso,cn=RequestDefs,cn=AppConfig,cn=UserApplica tion,cn=DriverSet,ou=IDM,ou=SERVICES,o=NOVELL,
Activity: Activity, Recipient: cn=030000700,ou=USERS,o=NOVELL

What could be the problem? I understand that it is a date format issue,
but I don't know what is the problem in my configuration.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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