Hi, i'm trying to check if a CN is allready available or not

What i have done
Name: Test01
Parameters: key(UserGroupName) Dislplay Lable (Name of the User Group)
Condition: CN equals %UserGroupName%
Search Root: my Container with all my UserGroup's
Search Scope: Container and Subcontainer
Max Search Entries: 20

In the Data Item Mapping bevore my Condition GroupName defined as
flowdata (flowdata.GroupName) as String.

In my Condition Activity i added the following Code in Condition
function ()
var v = IDVault.globalQuery("Test01",
if (v.size() > 0)
return true;
return false;
What i expect is, that the WF takes the true way, if an with the same
name exists, and goes false way if not.

Someone see my error?
Thanks for your help.

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