This is a small problem (hopefully) but it is pretty annoying.

I am using the Create Portlet to allow users to create a variety of
custom objects. The entire setup is pretty simple and works, however
there is a tiny problem with the actual Form.

For example, I have create a "Location" Entity in the DAL (which is
based on the user Template class. Within this entity I have assigned a
"Create Container" and a "Create Naming Label"

When I create a "Location" object, it adds an attribute "Location ID:"
to the entries. (fair enough since the object needs a name and I figured
out I can change the label with the "Create Naming Label") However my
issue is that it displays 2 entries! (see attached)

I have figured out that the first entry (called the ENTITY_ID) becomes
the name of the object.
The second entry (called CN) becomes the Revision Attribute of the
object. (Which I am fairly sure is meaningless)

I have not figured out how to remove this second entry? I thought
populating the "Create Naming Attribute" would fix this, but no.....


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