I upgrade my User App from 3.5 to 3.6.1 and migrated my workflows.
Everything is working fine except one of my DNlookups. The DN is found,
but the fields are not being populated.

I created a dnlookup, findlocation with the following onload event:

var locationDN = field.getValue();

//window.alert("locationDN is: " + locationDN);
//window.alert( "field.value is: [" + field.getValue() + "]");
//window.alert("L = [" + locationDN.length + "]");

if (locationDN.length > 0 ) {
//window.alert("in query");
//window.alert("fsbloccode is: " + IDVault.get(null, locationDN,
"fsbLocations", "fsbLocationCode"));
IDVault.get("FSBLocationCode", locationDN, "fsbLocations",
IDVault.get("FSBDeptName", locationDN, "fsbLocations", "oU");
//window.alert("rwbHRLocaion is: " + IDVault.get(null, locationDN,
"fsbLocations", "fsbHRLocation"));
IDVault.get("fsbHRLocation", locationDN, "fsbLocations",
//IDVault.get("FSBAddress", locationDN, "fsbLocations", "sA");
//IDVault.get("FSBCity", locationDN, "fsbLocations",
//IDVault.get("FSBState", locationDN, "fsbLocations", "s");
//IDVault.get("FSBZip", locationDN, "fsbLocations", "postalCode");
//IDVault.get("FSBTeleN", locationDN, "fsbLocations",

//window.alert(" FSBLocationCode: [" +
form.getValue("FSBLocationCode") + "]");
//window.alert(" FSBDeptName: [" + form.getValue("FSBDeptName") +
//window.alert(" FSBAddress: [" + form.getValue("FSBAddress") + "]");
//window.alert(" FSBCity: [" + form.getValue("FSBCity") + "]");
//window.alert(" FSBState: [" + form.getValue("FSBState") + "]");
} else {

These fileds follow the dnlookup on the form, however, they are not
being populated:


I have other dnlookups that work. This dnlookup is pulling information
from a different entity than what it is writing to. My users are in the
User entity, however, this information is coming from "fsbLocations" and
not "users". This same dnlookup was workding in 3.5. Could this be a
conversion issue or do ousee something wrong.

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