I am trying to build a workflow that will loop n times around an active.
The issue that I am having is with the flowdata variable that I am using
to count. If in my form I select three values I want to loop three
times. Each time I want to increment my counter by one [loopcounter =
loopcounter + 1]. I set the loopcounter to '0' in a mapping active out
side the loop. Then within the loop I increment by 1 each time until it
reaches the n times.

Mapping Active Code: ((flowdata.get('loopcounter')*1)+1) +''

Because the flowdata is a string, I am multiply it by 1 and then add 1.
I thought by multiply by 1 it would change it from a string. But, I an
getting error an see below.

Error Message: Error initializing scripting engine or scripting

I am just looking for a solution to that will increment each time it

Sandbox: Windows 2003, IDM 3.6 Engine, RBPM 3.6.1, and Designer 3.0.1


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