I am updating a workflow that creates a user by automatically assigning
the next employee ID. The last employee ID assigned is stored in an
attribute, fsbWorkforceID, which is part of the fsbObjectGUID
objectclass and is at the top level of the container,
ou=locations,o=idvault. Since the users and locations are in 2
different entities, I have 2 entity workflows where I use a Branch and
then Merge. The user record is created successfully. I am having
trouble writing back the employee ID just assigned.

I am getting the following error in the jboss log:

Error Message: Error updating object: ou=locations,o=idvault. The
object class: fsbLocation, is not an auxiliary class. This error can
also occur if you issue an updateEntity(...) without first doing a

ou=locations,o=idvault has both the fsbLocations and fsbObjectGUID
objectclasses. The entity, Locations has fsbObjectGUID as an added
auxilliary class. I'm not sure what I am missing?

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