not sure if this is the right forum, but guess...

I have to create a large number of Roles, assign them to each other and
assign Entitlements to them. We are talking about 500 L10 and about 150
L20 Roles.

As Designer and Userapp arenot the best Tools to do this I am wondering
if somebody could manage to create roles and associatons (Child, Parent
and Entitlement) already with LDIF.

I get mostly an LDAP 21 error (sometime also 17) if I try to import 2
or 3 roles via LDIF. In my LDIF Export I can see the Child Role
Membership is base64 encoded (as it is an structured attribute I guess)
while parent Memebership is just a dn pointing to the parent Role. The
entitlement is an Reference as well, but seems to be more a structured
attribute then a straight forward DN.


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