We have a requirement to change the theme of the UserApp for different
business units (BUs) in the organization. The organization has (~100+)
different BUs across the globe and each of them run as an independent
organization. While hosting the userapp a major requirement is to change
the theme of the user application pages to match the BU specific look
and feel and locale (matching their own theme). The backend information
can come from the same Identity server.

In the ATT training this topic was discussed with a solution to create
separate WAR files that just contains the themes; but it was also
mentioned that in the "future" versions of the UserApp
_tampering_the_IDMPROV.WAR_is_not_recommended_and_ will_not_be_supported_by_Novell_.

Will like to understand what is the best way to achieve this multiple
themes for the same UserApp.


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