Objective : To add one row ,col and col value in the mapping table ,
Not able to update the mapping table.

In one of my workflow , i am trying to update the Dirxml-data attribute
of the dirxml-resource class . I have defined the entity of
dirxml-resource type and attirbute Dirxml-data .

This attribute is single valued and stream type but in DAL ,Entity
defination , Attribute UI control is String type.

Please find attached code for attribute updation

Error : javax.naming.directory.InvalidAttributeValueExcept ion: [LDAP:
error code 19 - NDS error: cant have multiple values (-612)]; remaining
'cn=CHW_UP_Table_VendorList,cn=CHW_UP_Library,cn=D riverSet,ou=services,o=chw'.

On attribute level , we use *replace Value *option for updating

Please suggest , is there any error in code or is there any
restriction for updating mapping table using workflows.


|Filename: UpdateMappingTable.txt |
|Download: http://forums.novell.com/attachment....achmentid=2650 |

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