I am trying to use a standard single approval workflow to request a
role, because I need approval from the users manager and the role approver.
Therefore I introduced an entity nrfRoleLevel10 that allows to look for
roles of level ten and within a dn/dnlockup field of the request form I
am looking for these roles. Based on the CN I choose one, but then my
problems begin:
Neither is the value I chose transported into the approval form, nor
does is it used when I do the role request with an expression like
flowdata.get('start/request_form/fldRole') + RoleVault.ROLE_ROOT.
In the log I find an entry "Error Message: Error initializing scripting
engine or scripting context", even if I for testin purposes enter a
"static" role.

Seems I am missing something, but couldn't get my head around this.
BTW: I am using Utopia ISM IDV as of Jan09 (DVD 2a).

Any hint is more than welcome,