Iíve some problem with the RoleVault api on a Form

With the functions RoleVault.getRolesUserIn or getRoleInfor Iíve no
problem and they work like they should

But the getRolesToUserAssigment function gives me some Headaches

Here is a little example:

var rolename=new Array();
var role;
role = RoleVault.getRolesToUserAssignments(user); //user is a var with
a dn..

the role.size() function correctly display the number of rules (same as
RoleVault.getRolesUserIn(user).size) but if I try to call the
getTargetDns() function I get the following error:

ReferenceError: beanValues is not defined'

var rolebean;
var role;
role = RoleVault.getRolesToUserAssignments(user);
rolebean=role.getBean(0); //or 1 ....

Or If I try to get a Bean the result is always nullÖ

Or if I try rolename=role.getBean(0).getType() I get 'TypeError:
role.getBean(0) is null'

So what are I doing wrong? or is it a bug
Any help appreciated

UA 3.6.1 Patch B

Kind Regards,
Gilles Niclou

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