I followed the discussion in the thread and still have a few

We run our UserApp (IDM 4.0) on 64-bit windows and eDir on 64-bit
Linux. Based on the documentation 64-bit SAML methods are now available
for Linux with IDM 4.0.

I understand that this is part of NMAS and that it has the LCM
component and the LSM component that runs on eDir. My question is does
the LCM component need to run on the 64-bit windows machine where
UserApp 4.0 is installed or does it run on the same machine as LSM
(64-bit Linux within eDir)?? I am not familiar of how UserApp integrates
with NMAS and your response is appreciated. If LCM has to run with
UserApp, then I am at dead end as SAML methods are not supported for
64-bit windows.

I see the following contents in the nmassaml.zip for 64-bit SAML
methods on the IDM
4.0 Linux ISO (under the \products\RBPM\SAML directory)
File is named nmassaml.zip

name = SAML Assertion
Vendor = Novell Inc.
grade = Logged In
MethodID = 0x24
description file = descrip.txt
license file = license.txt
support file = support.txt
logo file = NovlLogo.gif
schema file = authsaml.sch
LSM NetWare = samllsm.nlm.lmo
LSM WINNT = samllsm.dll.lmo
LSM Solaris =
LSM Linux = samllsmlin.so.lmo
LSM Linux_X64 = samllsmlin_x64.so.lmo
LCM NetWare = samllcm.nlm.lmo
LCM WINNT = samllcm.dll.lmo
LCM Solaris =
LCM Linux = samllcmlin.so.lmo
LCM Linux_X64 = samllcmlin_x64.so.lmo
Method Version = 2830

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