I just installed a new UA 3.6.1 Patch B with IDM 3.6.
I migrated some entities, queries and lists from the DAL in the
designer via XML export and import (used two projects).
I had to do this, cause the old DAL was corrupt.

1. Now when I'm opening the Team Tasks and click on Groups and the
search button, following error occurs:
Group: Error encountered while executing the service
com.novell.srvprv.impl.servlet.service.ParamListLo okup: at.

The SearchPopUp stays empty and no input field is shown.

2. Also, when I'm trying to open the Team Tasks with Firefox, the
browser runs in a never ending loading loop with no return.

Can anybody help with these two errors?


|Filename: ua-error.png |
|Download: http://forums.novell.com/attachment....achmentid=2552 |

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