The portlet reference documentation says:

"The Select Object Entity preference lets you choose the chartís root
entity. Click the object selector button to search for an object. If the
selected entity type definition is a user, then you can select Self
instead of an object. Choosing Self means that the org chart root is the
logged-on user."

Does this mean that if we want to define "Self" as the org chart root,
we have to use the "User" entity? Or is it possible to define your own
entity, configure the Org Chart Portlet to use this entity, and still
use "Self" as the org chart root?

We have defined our own entity which exposes user information to the
User Application, and would like to use this entity in the Org Chart
portlet. But when we configure the Org Chart portlet to use this entity,
"Self" is not an option, we are only allowed to do a search.


Geir Magne

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