Doing a "Leaving Employee" wf.

I do a DN lookup on the employee returning the user object.
I would like to display some attributes of the user to confirm it is
the right user so in an onchange event on the dn lookup of the user I
did this:

var leavinguser = form.getValue('employee');
if (leavinguser !='')
form.alert("The value of leaving user is: " + leavinguser);
IDVault.get("eid", leavinguser ,"user","workforceID");
IDVault.get("manager", leavinguser ,"user","manager");

form.alert displays the full dn of the user but then I must have
misunderstood how to use IDVault.get.
eid displays nothing and manager says undefined.
The attributes of the user exists, are defined in DAL as searchable and
I have checked case sensitivity.

Or do I need to do some kind of set command after?

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