I Have a workflow to create users.
HR will be starting the Wf and the new users manager will be approving
the Wf.

Since the manager needs to know what user to approve or not I need top
display the new users attributes in the Approval form.

If i in the Pre-Activity mapping use the source expression do:
IDVault.get( recipient , 'User', 'CN')
I get the managers attributes

If I do:
I don't get anything.

How do I populate the fields in the best way ?

In the Approval form I have cn, Full Name and workforce Id for the
moment to populate and all of them exists in the request form.

The wf looks like this:
Start activity with the request form forwards to an Entity Create
activity where the user is created in a temporary container where it
waits for the next step witch is the approval of the manager.
If the manager approves the user is updated with more attributes and
moved to the active container, if the manager does not approve the user
is deleted.

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