Looking for some help in making this happen.

I want to incorporate an existing Java function, currently called by
drivers, into a workflow. I have hit a few snags, not the least is my
lack of Java skills.

I have two existing Jar files, who's function is to find a unique CN
based on user names (Given Name, Surname, and Middle Initial). Both do
exactly the same thing, but return different CN formats depending on
which HR system manages the user (it's a legacy thing, cannot be changed
yet). Now, we need to call the same code in a workflow. I am using an
onload ECMA script, as yet to be written, to call the functions and then
display the new CN on the form.

Everyone with me so far?

Now, here is one of the bumps in the way. Two Jar files with exactly
the same function name, differentiated only by their classpath. Can
that be done in ECMA script?

The next next bump is writing the ECMA script. I can pass in an
attribute that will indicate which one to call (I hope). I have the XSL
stylesheets that currently do the calls.

Next bump... The current jar files were compiled with 1.3. They
currently run on a Netware IDM box, which is 1.4. We want to run them in
UA 3.5.1, which is 1.5. Recompile? The original author did include the
source in the Jar's (thank you very much!!!). I'd rather not have to
recompile (see lack of Java skills, above) if at all possible.

Thanks for whatever help is provided.

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