Hi all!

We are about to create a PRD for User App. The PRD will contain a request
form, with a list of check boxes for all available systems a user can
apply for ,or wants to be removed from. Each system will have an
Entitlement requirement.
The form easily could contain 20 systems, and more to come.

The PRD contains an approval activity in the workflow.

Finally the workflow will write the Entitlements for all systems through
an Entitlement Provisioning Activity.
Problem is however, that the workflow gets really nasty to work with as
the number of systems grow... Every system needs one Entitlement
activity, and when you have 20 or more, it's hard to work with the
workflow (20 Entitlement activities in parallell).

Anyone having suggestions or solved this in different ways?
(To my understanding it is not possible to write several different
Entitlements in a single Entitlement activity)