I have searched and have been unsuccessful at finding any documentation
that shows the proper configuration to ensure that Normal Workflows Role
Request Activity can submit the request as the Proxy for the Requesting

IDM 3.6.1B

We have the need for the requests that are submitted from the Request &
Approvals tab/ (Normal workflows) that include the Role Request activity
to have the Role Approval workflow comments viewed by the

The Restricted View is disabled on the Role Approval Workflow and the
user can see the request summary in the 'My Requests' list. However the
user receives and an error that they do not have rights to view the
request details and the JBoss Logs.

com.novell.srvprv.apwa.APWAAccessViolationExceptio n: You do not have
access rights to [provisioningRequest] with id =

Any thoughts on how to fix/configure Proxy for Role Request Activity
would be appreciated.

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