Apparently I've done something wrong.

UserApp 3.5.1 (yeah, I know)

I use the Search Portlet, and am searching for:

Manager Starts with (and then pick a letter, doesn't matter)

I get this pretty thing when I do:

Ldap error querying for results. Error: n: [LDAP: error code
18 - Inappropriate Matching]; remaining name 'o=ABC'

All other searching works fine, as does the OrgChart

When I look at my DSTRACE screen I only see:

15:29:01 90BDE0E0 LDAP: ldap2NDSSearchFilter: substring match used on
unsupported syntax
15:29:01 90BDE0E0 LDAP: nds_back_search: ldap2NDSSearchFilter failed
with err 18 (0x12)

So apparently I've done something wrong somewhere but not sure
who/what/when or where.

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