i have to following fields in my request form :
1) Level - TrueFalseRadioButton having values
Enterprise,Facility,Department and Subdepartment.
2) Facility- intially hidden- picklist
3) Department-intially hidden- picklist
4) SubDepartment-intially hidden- picklist

Depending on the selected value of the Level field i have to display
coressponding picklist tree.
for example when enterprise is selected no picklist will be displayed.
when facility is selected only Facilty picklist is shown
When department is selected Facility and Department picklists are
When SubDepartment field is selected Facility, Department and
SubDepartment picklists are shown.

on the onload event of the form i have written
["Enterprise","Facility","Department","SubDepartmen t"],["Enterprise","Facility","Department","SubDepartmen t"]);

rest all picklists are hidden.

Please suggest the solution out of it.

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