I'm trying to develop a method in which managers can view role
assignment to their direct-reports. They should be able to see all
group, inherited, and assigned roles. Then I need to develop a method
wheras a manager can revoke an assigned (not inherited or group) role.
First, is there any portlet that might be able to be used for the
manager to view direct-report roles? It would be preferable to use the
web service to do so if possible. I've been experimenting with exposing
user nrf[Assigned|Group|Inherited]Roles via the DAL but with them being
structured attributes I'm probably not going to be able to use them. I
also thought about using a loopback driver to parse those attributes and
populate a custom MVA which I could then expose in the DAL. Another
thought I had is to build a no-action PRD where the power of the forms
could be used to parse those nrf attributes, or perhaps initiate a
workflow which could call the web service and return those roles.
Any thoughts on how I can make this happen? Any help would be
Using IdM 3.6, UA 3.6.1

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