I am working on a custom JSR168 portlet for UserApp. I have it deployed
and (mostly) working in UserApp. I am even writing to the directory with
hardcoded values for the password and authDN. Now, I have two

1) In order to make this a little more secure I would like to pass the
authentication to the portlet. I know I can do this by entering them
into the portlet.xml file(got that working) but I would prefer to grab
it dynamically so that it is not sitting on the server in plain text. Is
there a way to grab the authentication credentials for the UserApp admin
user somehow? Also, is there an IP I should be using other than what is
available in the ldap.jar file that eliminates the need for knowing the
password and DN? I need to be able to search, create and modify users
with very specific requirements and attribute checking before the user
is created.

2) Whereas question 1 deals with everything that goes on in the
processAction and doView methods, this question deals with more dynamic
functionality in the JSP files. I have a field that is populated by a
custom call to a dnlookup that allows me to specify the callback
function. I would like to do some ldap query's to fill some of the other
fields in based on what is returned from the dnlookup. How do I best
accomplish this? I found the references on calling
JUICE.IDM.Entities.Search functionality, but that is not what I am
looking for. I was hoping to access something similar to the IDVault.get
functionality made available in the workflows. Is there something like
that available? If not I will have to "roll-my-own" solution and in that
case I will need to know how to get the authentication credentials
mentioned in question 1 in the JSP pages as well.

Sorry for the long post. Any help or pointers in the right direction is
much appreciated.


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