Can anyone please clarify about the definition of recipient? We are
confuse about meaning and Novell's definition of *Recipient*.

We have few scenarios as explained below:

- *Scenario 1:* We have to get approval for employee having
dn='cn=Emp1,ou=NursingDep,o=org'. We have assigned this approval to
manager having dn='cn=Manager1,ou=NursingDep,o=org'.
- *Scenario 2:* We have new user information and it is to be created
in NursingDep OU and before creating User, we have to get Manager
approval. Also this will be assigned to manager
- *Scenario 3:* We have to get approval from two managers of the
department for User dn='cn=Emp1,ou=NursingDep,o=org'.

What would be the recipient in above all cases?

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