How to add the attributes for DN look Up? By default, only 'Firstname
and Lastname' is displayed.

As per documentation, I have done following steps:

- Created the attribute 'Network ID' with Search and Read option
- Added the attribute 'Network ID' in the User entity
- Added the same attribute in the User Look up entity
- Added the same atttribute in the DNLookUp definition. For default
case, I have used 'Manager' attribute for the User Entity (Please do
explain what does this mean and why we onlu configure for this manager
- Flushed all the application server cache

In the form, I have used data-type as 'dn' and control type as
For this control type, I have used User entity as key expression.

I am still not able to get the desired results. Please do provide me
some insight on same.

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