I have migrated Userapp(3.6) from one server to another using the
portal import export option. But the problem I am facing is that,
whenever the request & approval option is selected all the other tabs
change their texts. For example, using the Header Portlet preferrences I
have changed the text of Identity Self-Sevice tab to Home. But whenever
the request & approval option is selected ,the Identity Self-Sevice tab
( current text HOME) reverts back to Identity Self-Sevice text.I have
made the changes from the portlet admin page.After portal import I could
see the changes in the portlet admin page only. The header portlet had
the same preferrences as in the first server but it did not reflect in
any of the pages. I had to remove and add the header portlet to all the
container pages to invoke the changes. Is this expected behavior after

But the main problem is with the request and approval page. It hides
the tabs which I have hidden but does not change the text as I have
changed in the Header portlet in the Portlet Admin page.

Can someone tell me why this problem is occurring and what could be a
solution to it ?

Am I doing the migration from one server to another server correctly ?(
I have taken a complete export from the first server and imported into
the second server. Before that I had updated the userapp driver in the
second server) . If this is not the correct approach then how should I

Thanks in Advance,

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