In the user apps email notification I had used the following expression

In to address box --> IDVault.get(IDVault.get(recipient , 'user',
'manager') , 'user', 'Email')

In cc address box --> IDVault.get(IDVault.get(IDVault.get(recipient,
'user', 'manager'),'user','assistant') , 'user', 'Email')

However all the above expressions didn't give any validation error
while checking the syntax, also after deployment mail goes to all two
addresses for first few times.

Then it shows the following error after some time.

WARN [WorkflowNotification] Script error evaluating expression
[IDVault.get(IDVault.get(recipient , 'user', 'manager') , 'user',

WARN [WorkflowNotification] Script error evaluating expression
[IDVault.get(IDVault.get(IDVault.get(recipient, 'user',
'manager'),'user','assistant') , 'user', 'Email')]

Please help me in resolving this error.


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