Hi all,
I have two fields, A and B.
Control Type for A is TrueFalseRadioButton
Control Type for B is DateTimePicker
By default on load, FALSE is selected for A, I have an onChange event
for A.
If FALSE is selected for A, will disable B field, so that user can't
select the dateTime using DateTimePicker.
If change to TRUE, then will need to enable the B field's
The problems I facing here is, even I select TRUE for A, I still fail
to enable B's DateTimePicker.
This is the code I am using for the onChange Event in A:

if (form.getValue("A") == 'true'){

} else {
form.setValues("B", "");


form.enable("B") is not working. I just notice that, this will only
happen if I am using IE for my application. If I try it using Mozilla
Firefox, it is working fine, can be enabled or disabled accordingly to
my selection TRUE or FALSE.
So I just wonder is that actually UserApp 3.6 not applicable with IE?
Recommended browser for UserApp 3.6 not IE?
I have facing few problems which is not working in IE but in firefox

Anyone have any ideas and can please help?

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