Hi All,
I'm trying to use multiple container pages for different users with
different settings portlets (Detail, Header, ...). Each group of users
assigned the right of its container page. Everything works fine, but
only DefaultContainerPage automatically displayed after login
(GuestContanerPage contains only one SharedPage with portlet Login).
Users of other container pages receive an error: "An error has occurred
while processing your request. Please contact the administrator, or
click the back button and try again".
But if I then apply to the container page directly (for example,
http://ip:8080/idm/portal/cn/Manager...age/MyOrgChart) - the page
is displayed correctly (if try to go to the tab Identity & SelfService -
again the same error).
This impression that the tab "Identity & SelfService" tightly pegged to
How can I provide automatic appearance desired container page after

My environment: SLES10sp2, eDir 8.8.3, IDM 3.6, UA3.6.1A, FF2


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