I am running two, 2 node UA Clusters, both on TCP. Both recently
updated to UA 3.6.1. We are getting these messages that make it appear
that Multicast is not completely disabled, somewhere. I have setup
three cluster TCP configurations on each node. I have modified
cluster-service.xml, jboss-services.xml and the cluster string setup in
UA. I have not changed any of the default TCP Ports, and the UDP
configurations are commented out in the XML files.

All our servers are VMware Infrastructure, and the network folks swear
to me that they do not forward any multicast beyond any switch.

I keep the impact minimal by naming each cluster, so the messages are
ignored, but very annoying, and filling up logs. This happens for the
EntityCache and the SFSBCache.

Anybody know where UDP/multicast may still be enabled?

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