I'm just about done upgrading the security model after migrating from
RBPM 3.6.1 -> 4.0.1.

I do however have a small problem I can't seem to work out.
When using teams to grants access to PRD, no matter what rights I set,
the manager is only able to find himself when searching for users after
clicking "Make team process requests".
(If however, he clicks the history list, and chose a user the
userappadmin previously access, he have access to initate and finish the

About the setup:
Under Administrator Assignments, I've added a Provisioning group, with
all permissions.
Under Team configuration, I've added the same group as manager, members
is an ou containing all the idv users, "Also include selected managers
in members list" is checked, and as a test now that I don't get it
working, all rights have been given on all PRD.

Is there something I've forgot or overlooked that might cause this

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