Running UserApp 3.5.1 on Linux (SLES) with jboss and mysql.

When we originally installed and setup the userapplication we used the
default port of 8080. We are trying to now switch the port to simply port
80. I changed the propeties of the driver object under Driver Settings so
that the port there lists 80. We successfully have the application
answering on port 80. My problem comes with the notifications being sent to

When a workflow is initiated or updated an email is sent to the user using
the $PORT$ token. I read in the UserApp Administration Guide that using the utility, I should be able to enter the port number to be
used for the $PORT$ token in the Email Notify Port field. I have entered 80
into this field and restarted jboss on the userapp server and restarted the
driver running on the Engine. These are the only two places I know of to
make a change for the port (Driver config running on the engine and on the server running the user application). Yet still after
making these changes (and double-checking several times) the User
Application still sends notification emails with 8080 in the link. I've
logged in as the userappadmin and flushed the cache but with no luck since
the links in the emails still use 8080.

Is there something I have missed? Any help?