I am hoping someone can help with this issue.

On our request form we have a DNQuery that displays a list of users
from a specific container. The trouble is it will work and then later
when you try to do it again it comes up with Ojbect Lookup - no results

We are using Designer 3.0 Build ID 20080721 with IDM 3.6 Patch B Build
Rev 25199.

The code for the DNQuery field is

(function (){return "sameas";})();

(function (){
return {"oU":form.getValue("dept"), "l":form.getValue("location")}

The Entity called Same As User Lookup has CN, First & LastName, OU,
Location (l), access is set to all except Require. Require has been set
for first and LastName.

The Query has 2 parameters oU and l
The condition is OU equals %oU% or location equals %l%
Search is on the O and search scope is <Default>

All users have the location field filled with the container they are in
which is below the oU. Why we have to query both fields is that we have
some locations with the same name but in different oU eg PTS.users
OOR.users, and we only want to list users in say the PTS.Users.

It the container is unique then I don't think the problem happens at

Please help

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