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As one might have noticed we've had numerous language issues in the
past with the user application. Here's a specific one that's been
annoying us for quite a while.

* Set your user language preference to French
* Set UA global language set to French as well
* Set browser language preference to French
* Logon to UA and go run some workflow from the "request and approval"
tab (which actually is "requetes et approbations" since we're now
running in French)
* The workflow is properly displayed in French (assuming everything's
been properly localized, of course)
* Now, run the same workflow from the "self-service" part of the iste,
by calling it from a resource request portlet embedded into a new page.
* The workflow is now displayed in English.

This happens with different browsers (Firefox 3.x, IE 7.x), using
different UA version (3.6 patch C as well as 3.6.1), even though all
relevant language settings are set to French. I suspect this would
happen with any other non-English language as well.

Is anybody seeing this ?
Should this be reported as a resource request portlet bug ?

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