We have found out a small glitch with the login process using UA 3.6
patch C. This did not occur in the past (i.e. before patch C) and does
not occur either with 3.6.1. However this does occur with both test and
production systems running 3.6 patch C so we'd think it's a product bug
and not a misconfiguration.

If the user types in a wrong password at first, then types in the
correct password after having received the error message, then the user
is stuck at the login page and has to type in the original UA URL again
to actually obtain the UA contents.

Here is the sequence of events :
* Type in http://yourserver/IDMProv in browser's address bar
* Type in user name and WRONG password, and click "Login..."
* Receive expected error message
* Type in correct password, and click "Login..."
* Nothing seems to happen
* Type in http://yourserver/IDMProv in browser's address bar
* UA should now properly display users' contents

This has been observed on two different UA 3.6 Patch C installs, and
using different web browsers (Namely Firefox 3.x and IE 7.x).

Is anybody else seeing this ?
Should I go ahead and open a bug report for this one ?

Best regards,


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