Is there an errata, or is anyone collecting tips/tricks/gotchas for getting
user app installed successfully? I seem to be running into a lot of issues,
most have work arounds, relating to the installation of the product. Much
time can be saved by others if there was such a document that can be made
available. The most recent issues (but not an exhaustive list) include:

1) Cannot install driver config files on an iManager server without IDM
engine installed. Work around - Install them in a bogus directory on a
server with the IDM engine, then copy them to the appropriate directory on
you iManager server (we all know what the appropriate directory is right?)

2) When installing the UserApp Driver, you must specify a port where UserApp
is running (pg. 28 in 3.6.1 Install Guide). Well UserApp isn't installed
until the next chapter . Also, the port that is expected, is the port
where your application server is running. A mention of this would clear up
some confusion.

3) When installing the UserApp driver, Firefox hangs,,and hangs,,,and
hangs,,. Work around - use IE (blah!)

4) If you are not using IDM 3.6 engine, then you have to use iManager 2.6
for parts of the install. This is in the docs, but and errata might tell me
for sure whether this is true or not before I build a iManager 2.6 server.

This may seem like basic/straight forward stuff to the seasoned UA admin.
But when pressed with a deadline to get the service up, these kinds of
issues chew up a lot of time for an admin blazing their way through a first
time setup.

-Mike K