We need to synchronize users accounts between the metadirectory and
GroupWise. The GroupWise account is created when a user is entitled to
GroupWise Account Entitlement in the metadirectory.
Our environment is composed of:
- Metadirectory server running SLES 11 with IDM 4.0.1 and eDir 8.8.6
- NDS server running SLES 11 with IDM 4.0.1, eDir 8.8.6 and eDirectory
- GroupWise server running SLES 11 with GroupWise 2012 and GroupWise
Remote Loader installed. The MTA and POA are on the NDS server.

We installed GroupWise 3.5.3 driver on the metadirectory server.

Can we synchronize accounts using this architecture?

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