In UA we have a request form where we use a DAL GlobalQuery to fill a
pick-list. The display in the list is built by combining CN and
description of the objects. Within the workflow description can be

Simplified the following happens:

First load of the form shows:
"100 Fax Device of John Smith"
- I select this entry and change description to Mike Miller
- Approved and changed entity
- Checked new value using a LDAP-browser

Once again the request shows:
"100 Fax Device of John Smith"

The entry has in description:
"Fax Device of Mike Miller"

Now I am flushing the portal cache and then the request shows:
"100 Fax Device of Mike Miller"

So my investigative recourse shows, that a DAL global query in UA 3.5.0
does not query directly the directory but is using the portal-cache.
That's a problem, as data shown in the pick-list is not actual.

I did not find my former task about this, where we came to the local
browser cache. But it's definitively not the local browser cache.

How can I get DAL global query to query the directory direct on-the-fly
for actual data while bypassing the cache?

Thanks, Rudi

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