Hi everyone,

I'm currently trying to use SoD with my role system.
I set up a SoD with Designer (i choosed as approver one user and the
approval type was set on Serial), i deployed it, but here is the first

I choose a user which already got the first role of the SoD, then i try
to assign him the second one. The system finds out that this is a SoD
violation and asks for details about the request. I fill it in, then i
submit. The problem is that it never launchs the Sod Conflict Workflow
(no traces in the logs)...
Then i went to the SoD definition in UserApp page, and i saw that my
SoD wasn't in Serial Mode but Quorum Mode, more precisely Quorum 0%, no
longer surprised that it didn't work as expected.
Then i tried to create another SoD with UserApp and a SecurityOfficer
but second issue:
the fields where i can choose the SoD conflict approval workflow and
the approval type are stuck, no way to edit them.
Has anyone got the same bug before?

Hoping you can help me,
Thank you for support.

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