IDM UA v.3.5.1 I'm using the html control to build multiple rows of
checkboxes - this is an initial screen in Request Form since it's
impossible to properly layout MVCheckboxes.

When I click on any checkboxes it doesn't trigger the onChange event,
so I can dynamically show appropriate additional options. This looks
like a known bug, and I tried to follow Rudy's workaround with no

The workaround is to setup the onchange event capture after you have
set the values for the field:
var ctrl = JUICE.UICtrlUtil.getControl(field.getName());

I'm wondering where I'm doing something wrong. My function creates an
html checkboxes and populates the values and labels properly in the
html content property of the control. Now, as far as I understood it
the above code should be in a function on the onchange event for the
html control. But this still no go if I tried to show another field

I'd appreciate any comments or pointers to the right direction.

Thanks, Slava.

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