I have an issue with a Request Form layout where the controls need to
be hidden until the checkboxes that are built prior are checked. The
problem is that it hides the controls fine but still leaves the line
breaks. And, with a possibility of having over 20 additional controls
the layout is not acceptable.

I know Rudy Duym mentioned this as a bug in the Form Script API
article, and trying to write some function to work around. The problem
is that in order to hide the whole row from a function I need to have a
row ID attribute, and looking at the source code for the form page that
particular row doesn't have any ID (<tr id="???" </tr>).

I was wondering if there are any ways to get the ID set/retrieved based
on the fieldname, and after that it should be possible to set the
style.display to "none".

Thanks, Slava.

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