I've got a formerly working, now dead, UA3.5.1 here. I was on vacation
last week, so wasn't around when it died.

Looking at the jboss output (jboss.log is attached), it looks like this
is the relevent error:

17:34:21,084 INFO [SessionFactoryObjectFactory] Not binding factory to
JNDI, no JNDI nam
e configured
17:34:22,267 ERROR [Boot] Unable to retrieve global configuration
17:34:22,271 ERROR [[/IDM]] Exception sending context initialized event
to listener insta
nce of class com.sssw.fw.servlet.InitListener
java.lang.RuntimeException: com.sssw.fw.exception.EboDataException:
Error loading framewo
rk base configuration into memory.

Also, if I try to run configupdate.sh, I get:

[Fatal Error] :-1:-1: Premature end of file.
Exception in thread "main" org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Premature end
of file.
at org.apache.xerces.parsers.DOMParser.parse(Unknown Source)
com.novell.internal.installer.idm.ldap.LdapUtil.bu ildDOM(LdapUtil.java:680)
com.novell.internal.installer.idm.ldap.LdapConfig. <init>(LdapConfig.java:457)
com.novell.internal.installer.idm.ldap.LdapConfig. main(LdapConfig.java:180)

Now, this was all working when I left. We had a power outage on
Tuesday, but the UA was brought back up and was running ok again on
Wednesday after that, so I don't think it's related. Some time Wed or
Thu, it died.

This looks to me like something, somewhere, is damaged, but I can't
find what it is. At least going by the file system timestamps, nothing

UA is 3.5.1 patch R

|Filename: jboss.log |
|Download: http://forums.novell.com/attachment....chmentid=1438|

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