IDM 3.5.1, UA 3.5.1 Patch U with Provisioning

We have quite the Workflow in our PRD. It reads the users current info
from the Vault, and presents all the options the user has (entitlements
it is missing, entitlements it already has, and whatnot). (Lets not
even talk about the form work it took to get this going...)

Then, after the user selects the entitlements they wish to request, we
kick off an Entity Action that writes an object to eDirectory that the
other drivers in our solution send off to the helpdesk package as a Work
Order needing approval. If approved there, comes back to eDirectory and
we process it and add the entitlement as needed.

All this is working well so far. Serves our needs, gets all our systems
working together (i.e. Saying do it all in UA is not helpful... The
other system is here and needs to be used).

Very cool. Very complicated...

We then started a SOAP driver to write comments back onto the Workflow
in the flow, so that we know what the tracking numbers in the helpdesk
app that got sent there.

Again all is working.

Worst case, a user can request 27 different entitlements from the form,
which starts the workflow, and this loops around and does tons of things
in the PRD's workflow. (I would attach a screen shot of the workflow,
it is very cool looking in its complexity!).

Problem is, there appears to be a limit of 200 comments on a workflow,
(system and user combined) and we hit that after about 15 entity
activities are processed...

Is there any way to boost the number of Comments storable on a Workflow?

I mean it is rows in a database table? The views are all paged (I
would like to be able to adjust how it displays instead of 5 at a
time...) Seems like 200 is basically an arbitrary number...