I am beating my head against a wall, I am trying a simple IDVault.get()
in a form, I am getting no read operation in ndstrace, the class and
attrbute are in the DAL and I flushed the cache, I checked the ldap
group object for class and attribute mapping which are default, I put
in debug messages and saw that the value I am passing was a good dn and
I checked the object in ConsoleOne and it has a role occupant. I just
get a null back iinstead of the dn of the role occupant. What am I
doing wrong?

/** this is a hidden field **/
if (form.getValue("state")!="init")
/** get tthe justificaiton count **/
var c = form.getValue("CSGJustificationCount");

/** create a new array to contain the justificaiton list **/

var list = new Array(c);

/** build the list from the justification controls **/
for (var i = 1; i <= c; i++)

dn='cn='+form.getValue('CSGJustificationIsFor'+i.t oString())+',ou=Profiles,ou=CSG,ou=APPS,o=LAB';

if (dn != null)
var role = IDVault.globalQuery(null, "CSGRoles", {"dn":dn});
if (role.length > 0)
var Role = role[0][0].toString();
* var approver = IDVault.get(null, Role, "organizationalRole)",
* var Approver = approver[0].toString();
var Approver = '0';
dn = '';

value=dn+'#'+Approver+'#'+form.getValue('CSGJustif ication'+i.toString());

field.setValues(value, value, (i!=1) );

list[i] = value;

/** select all values in the control **/

if (c > 0)





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