I have 2 questions

1. We can add mutiple groups to the entity activity if we use "replace
all values" but if we choose "append all values" is only adds the first
one in the list. Is this a bug?

2. We copied the test environment to production but when we go to add
multiple group memberships it does not add the groups but adds the
account name ie want new user to have same group membership as jblog
but when you look at the group memberships on the new account it only
has jblog.its.ps

Jboss screen has errors about not being able to add jblog
ldap error creating object cn=butest,ou=its,ou=ps,o=tres. Error:
javx.naming.directory.SchemaViolationException: LDAP: error code 65
-NDS error: illegal attribute (-608): renaming name

Any ideas.


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