Hi everyone,

Here is my problem: i work with webservices that send me some xml code
as response, but this is the first time i do it with ecmascript and
this thing seems very blurry to me.

The result of my webservice call (to getUser role webservice) is stored
in the flowdata and i want to get the directly assigned role's dn, so in
the output mapping i tick only the associatedRoles node and all of its
parent nodes.

Here is how i reach my data:

And when i want to get one of my role DN i use:
and it works fine but here is my problem:

i should be able to get the number of items, which i didn't do
successfully yet i don't know why but i'm not able to reach some
basic information like the nodeType or getting the XML code with .XML.
I tried several solutions without positive results.
For instance:

I used DOM API for ECMAScript: 'Novell Doc: User Application: Design
Guide - ECMAScript API' (http://tinyurl.com/5sfksq) as reference, but
maybe i'm doing it wrong.

Hoping someone could help me,
Thanks for support,

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