I just spent 3 1/2 hours on a entemanological expedition (bug hunt). In
order to try to optimize performance of my very complex form, I
replaced individual onLoad events with a field.hide(); with a series of
form.hide("xxx"); in the form-wide onLoad event.

This seemed to work fine. However, one of my sections of the form would
not fully reveal when I clicked the check box that used to work to do
so. I had made a number of other optimizations, attempting to reduce
the amount of directory queries in order to improve performance on IE.
These seemed to be working but they were my first suspect.

The reality turned out to be that while every other field type seemed
to work just as well being hidden in the main onLoad event, when my two
column multi-select pick lists were hidden in this manner, they would
not show with a form.show("xxx") method. The resolution was to move the
form.hide("xxx"); from the main onLoad to the field's event onLoad for
just these two controls, then they went back to operating correctly.

This is way too subtle of a problem. Ugh.

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